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Why Animal Door Stops, Draught Excluders and Throws?

Cosy Comforts Ltd is a family business launched in 2012. We originally came up with the idea for the webiste while lounging at home on our cushion ladden sofa in front of our open fire. Outside the weather was typically british; chilly, grey and damp. So we opened a bottle of red wine and started discussing how cosy we had made our home. Before we knew it we had started to make plans about creating a site to allow others to make their own cosy home. Voila Cosy Comforts was born!

Our site was originally designed to offer a unique collection of home comforts and accessories designed to make a warm, relaxing, comfy and cosy home. However we soon realised that we needed to focus on a small selection of quality products and we decided that our favorite items were the Animal Door Stops, Draught Excluders and Throws.  So while we occasionally add some of home accessories, we typically focus on Animal Doorstops, Draught Excluders, Knitted Throws and Faux Fur Throws.


If we do not have a product in stock or you would like us to consider adding a product to our range, use the contact form to let us know and we'll get back to you.

We hope you find what you are looking for, after all everyone wants a cosy home!

Thanks for Visiting!

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